Vua giải trí The lord of amusement

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The lord of amusement

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    The Lord of Amusement is low rent God of Cookery knock-off that has some sly homages to its sources of inspiration, but ultimately fails due to crappy writing and even crappier direction. Nick Cheung stars as Wah, a country bumpkin who’s promoted by his obseqious boss Ng Man-Tat. He’s made manager of a HK nightclub, but the whole thing is just a scam to ruin the club. Wah wants to save the club to please the obligatory love interest (new idol singer Elle), so he hires the legendary “King of Entertainment,” who’s played with bizarre goofiness by Francis Ng. Ng does so, and falls in love with club girl Sherming Yiu. Then there’s more shtick and the gripping tension of whether or not they’ll be able to save the club. I’ll ruin the movie for you: they do save it, and everyone goes home happy! This is not a movie to be seen if you like surprises. It’s just standard quickie crap which was designed for maximum return on a minimum investment. It’d be nice if the result were in any way above-average, but that’s really not the case here. The hackneyed but workable premise gets submarined by bad execution, and the whole thing becomes unnecessary. This isn’t really a terrible film, but it isn’t good, either.