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Thiếu gia vùng Tây Quan -Point Of No Return

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    Point Of No Return (PONR) is basically a love story set in the 1920s revolving around four main characters: Damien, Angie, Julian and Charmaine. Damien (Chow Ming Hin) dedicated his lifetime to run his family’s shipping business, Kwong Wan Hong. In order to save his family business from going bankrupt, he married Lui San (Lee De Yung) even though his true love was his servant and trusted assistant, Angie (Ng Yuk Hing). Lui San was resentful of Angie?s presence in their life, even though Angie’s relationship with Damien was platonic. Despite being constantly harassed by Lui San, Angie continued to stick with Damien through thick and thin, and eventually became his second wife. When Damien thought he could finally achieve happiness in his life, news of his liver cancer struck him?