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Tên phim:
Tình Xưa Nghĩa Cũ
Tên Tiếng Anh:
Wife Returns
Thể Loại:
Quốc Gia:
Hàn Quốc
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Nội dung phim "Tình Xưa Nghĩa Cũ"

Jung Yoo Hee married the love of her life, Yoon Sang Woo. However, his mother despised Yoo Hee and forced her to leave Sang Woo and their young daughter. Years later, Yoo Hee returns and meets her daughter. However, Sang Woo’s new wife, Seo Hyun, is not willing to be pushed aside. Yoo Hee disappears without a trace. Her younger sister, Yoo Kyung, who was adopted abroad is determined to find out what happened to her sister. She keeps up false pretenses and pretends to be Yoo Hee.

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