Người Đàn Bà Tuyệt Vời

Daring Women
  • Trạng thái: 105 tập
  • Đạo diễn: Đang cập nhật
  • Diễn viên: Lee Yoo Ri, Seo Ji Young,
  • Quốc gia: Hàn Quốc
  • Năm: 2010
  • Thể loại: Tâm Lý,

Nội dung phim

Ji Soon Young loses her husband, Wang Se Joon, in a tragic accident. She is left alone to take care of their adopted daughter. She meets and falls in love with Han Kyu Jin, who just happens to be the father-in-law to her former sister-in law, Wang Se Bin.

Their lives changes when Soon Young marries Kyu Jin and becomes Se Bin’s mother-in-law. They have to adjust to their new roles in their family and at the same time try to get along with each other.

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